Company Info

XStream Media is a Software Solution company that specializes in Mobile and Video solutions for the media and telecommunications industry.

The company's Video Solutions are designed to significantly improve the efficiency and profitability relationship between the companies, its consumers.

With minimum costs for software integration and operation, XStream Media enables our customers to capitalize on revenues, generating true partnership. This software solution is focused on delivering rich media content (simultaneous combination of audio, video and data streaming) and provides an easy application that integrates perfectly with digital content. Nowadays, existing media businesses are realizing the value of managing and digitizing their assets in order to reduce costs and to generate revenue.

Founded in 2006, XStream Media is a privately held company currently based in Melbourne, Australia. The company is managed by a team of accomplished executives and software engineers with successful tenures in the broadcasting and Telcos industries.
Our Engineers have collectively more than 20 year’s commercial experiences in Video and Mobile Solutions, starting from 1999.

XStream Media is commercializing a highly innovative technology for delivering media to personal computers and mobile devices.

XStream Media is the creator of EzyCast Mobile, the world first true mobile multimedia software broadcasting service direct to the consumer.

XStream Media will launch its premier product, EzyCast Mobile, late 2009.

XStream Media is determined to provide a proven and cost effective video solutions to all cross sections of the market.


Company Overview

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