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XStream Media is proud to introduce its range of Video solutions (Ezycast Series) for all market segments from the home user to the enterprise level business. We have a solution that will meet your needs and stay within your budget.


EzyCast Mobile

"Media content anywhere, anytime" are just one of the many key phrases which describe and characterize EzyCast Mobile.
The EzyCast Mobile product will easily enable millions of mobile device consumers to broadcast their video content in a TV style viewing experience with incredible video quality, with the ability to provide automated advertising, real-time text and overlays to virtually anywhere in the world.

This software application (Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista) simplifies streaming Real, Windows, QuickTime and other media types to mobile devices. Broadcast any format of media content.

Enter your Mobile Phone number and click on the ‘Start Streaming’ button.
EzyCast Mobile will instantly send an SMS and/or MMS message with a hyperlink and a thumbnail picture with a preview, which will start the video streaming.




EzyCast MuViS

Clone Video and Audio sources in to multiple Streams, MuViS (Multiple Virtual Streams).

Up until now, you could only use you webcam or capture devices (source) on one service, instance or application at a time.
EzyCast MuViS lets you clone your Capture Source and output to multiple services and programs simultaneously in real time!
You don't have to choose one single program to Video Call as you can now chat on services such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger and other at the same time using one source.

MuViS can even simulate a Capture Device even if you don’t have one, from Video Files, a Sequence of images, Flash, URL Streams or even from your desktop screen.
Can easily add Overlays, Texts, and mix other live videos.





EzyCast Click! 

Click once and Play.

No need for players, codec’s, GUI and theme skin anymore.
All in one file.
Live and VOD modes, Remote and Local, Scalable formats. Archived in any type of Web or FTP server or packed all in one binary file (exe).
Simple to use, no software installation or plug-ins required, automatically plays on virtually any OS (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac, BeOS, and more).
Full-screen, High quality, Video that just simply play, fast and simple.

User can select from a list of Audio and Video Codec’s, list of Player Controls and a list of Player Themed Skins.
Even add his custom Encoder/Decoder with his custom designed Player Controls (GUI), add Help Instructions and
add custom designed Player Themed Skin.