Support Products

If you are experiencing difficulties with your product, XStream Media' Technical Support Centre is available for all your support needs.

Premier Support and Incident Support:

If you're in Australia, call 0416 297270.
If you're in the UK or the US, your toll free support number will be available very soon!

Per minute support:

Please call the 900 number for your region.

Premier Support
Premier Support is a support contract, which you can pay to enter into a 12-month contract for support with XStream Media. This entitles you to access to a priority support line plus up to 15 free support incidents for the year. You will also be entitled to receive free updates for your software. All this for only AUD$395.00 (EX. GST)*

*Please read the terms and conditions relating to this support product.

Incident Support  (Australia Only)
Incident support allows you to purchase a single incident for support for each query that you may have. You can now purchase single support incidents for specific queries that you are unable to resolve on your own. For a low price of AUD$35.00 (EX GST) we can help you resolve your specified issue.

Per Minute Support 
Per minute support will be provided via a Premium Rate number. You will be billed a �per minute� charge for the duration of your support call. This will be billed directly to your phone bill at a rate of UK1.00 (Inc VAT) per minute. Calls have a maximum time limit of 20 minutes.

If you're in the USA and UK, your per minute support number will be available soon!