Terms & Conditions

Premier Support Agreement

The End-User (“user”) as defined in the End-User Licence Agreement (“EULA”) may purchase 12 months support in advance with payment accepted by Credit Card only, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. A limit of 15 calls over the 12-month period, such period commencing from the date of the first call made by the user.
  2. Support applies to the XStream Media software application only and not to hardware, software or drivers from other manufacturers.
  3. XStream Media help desk will assist with Hardware if it is certified hardware. Otherwise they will only be able to offer best efforts but no responsibility. If the user is using uncertified by XStream Media Multiport capture device then the XStream Media Help Desk has no obligation to offer any support, best efforts only.
  4. Multi port PCI Capture device [should / must] be certified.
  5. Hours of support please refer to Website: www.xstreamm.com
  6. Definition of Incident is: a problem using the software due to one particular process/problem or misunderstanding. One call does not mean one incident. It may take more than one call to and from the Help Desk to solve an incident.
  7. The Toll Free number service provided to the user shall receive priority status for the Premier level support agreement.
  8. The user, upon contacting the Help Desk is to have ready their customer ID number which they are issued when they Activate/Register their software on the XStream Media Website. It is recommended that the customer ID number be written down and kept in a safe place.
  9. Definition of Updates: An update is where XStream Media view that an improvement in the software shall be distributed free of charge.
  10. Definition of Upgrades: An upgrade is where XStream Media shall offer an improvement in the software, which shall be made available to the user for an additional cost.
  11. The Premier Support Agreement shall include an AUD $50.00 bonus certificate held as credit in the XStream Media Support Database, which the user can cash in at any time to offset the cost of any particular upgrade that the user may wish to purchase. Upgrades with a value less than AUD$50.00 shall be rounded up to AUD$50.00 with no ability to claim the difference in value by the user.
  12. In order to obtain support the user must update their software with the latest updates prior to obtaining support under the Premier Support Agreement. The most recent updates will be available from the XStream Media Website.
  13. This Agreement shall be licensed to a maximum of 2 people who are required to be nominated at the time of entering into this agreement.
  14. This agreement shall not be transferable at any time.